SPACE338 COVID-19 Policy

As we’re sure you all know, the many issues surrounding the global pandemic novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are evolving rapidly, yet we at Space 338 have already taken steps to help ensure the health and safety of our staff, suppliers and clients.

We have reduced the amount of staff working at both Space 338 (when needed) and at our HQ building, with the balance of the staff working from home via our robust remote systems. This serves to help staff minimise the level of contact with others. Should the threat level of COVID-19 escalate, we will take the necessary further steps to protect all staff.

While Space 338 viewings remain for the time being, we have instructed staff to minimise personal contact with prospective clients, and employ social isolation strategies. In practical terms, this means no handshaking, and giving people increased personal space. Again, should the threat level of COVID-19 escalate, we reserve the right to postpone viewings indefinitely, including upcoming viewings already scheduled.

To help combat the virus, Space 338 is fully cleansed and sanitised before and after each event, and all surfaces are easily cleaned with limited soft surfaces.

As all functions are DIY style, you have full control over all guests and staff. The scalable capacity of Space 338 means we comply with the current government mandate about gatherings, but we will also provide Space 338 clients extra information on how to best protect themselves and their guests during this time.

Should any client or guest at an event at Space 338 suffer an outbreak of COVID-19, or suspect that they may be suffering from an outbreak, we request that Space 338 is alerted as soon as possible so we can take appropriate actions without delay.

All of us at Space 338 are committed to keeping our clients and guests safe from illness and harm. While COVID-19 presents new challenges, please be assured that we are taking all necessary steps to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The office phone (03 9329 0933) will be manned during regular business hours, and should remain your primary point of contact. Alternative contact numbers are as follows:
• Christina Rochetich – 0407 742 416

We trust that you share our focus and commitment in keeping Space 338 as safe as possible.

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